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Providing full service personalized interior design services for homeowners or renters who are stumped with where to start in the design process of their home. 

Design, DIY

DIY Wall Moulding

If you’re new around here, I’m a big fan of an easy wall treatment to bring dimension to a room. Don’t get me wrong, paint can make a big impact, too but sometimes it’s not quite enough to give you that cozy, depth you’re craving. I’ve seen a lot of DIYers tackle wall molding in […]

Design, DIY

Board and Batten Wall

A simple, step-by-step

Design, DIY

Sconce Hack without Wiring

Have you always loved the look of sconces but don’t want to deal with the headache of wiring them? I’m right there with you. I’d choose manual labor and painting all day long before attempting electrical work. But, guess what?! I have a sconce hack for you that doesn’t involve ANY wiring but does provide […]

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